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Find out more - Bernard Tagliavini

I have enhanced DBS Clearance and Public Liability Insurance. Prices for all performances, workshops and projects are negotiable.

Multi-Story Theatre - Storytelling

I am able to offer both storytelling performances and workshops for every age group.

Schools Both primary and secondary.  Stories from around the world, and also pre-arranged topics.  Workshops on a wide range of subjects, but all involving aspects of storytelling and communication skills.
Pre-School Children I am also happy to work with pre-school children and nursery groups.
The Elderly Much of my storytelling is for the elderly in clubs, day centres and residential homes.  I also specialise in working with those with dementia or who are EMI, using familiar and popular music from many decades, reminiscence work, and where appropriate, multi-sensory techniques.
Audiences With Learning Disabilities I have considerable experience of working with children and adults with a wide range of physical and/or learning disabilities, including SLD, PMLD and autism.  Music and multi-sensory storytelling lie at the core of my work with these groups.

Multi-Story Theatre - Drama / Festival / Community Projects

Devising and producing theatre pieces for schools, festivals, professional performers, community groups and site-specific projects is of particular interest to me.  These can be brief one-day workshops or more long-term projects over several days or weeks, culminating in a performance at the end of the project.  If you have a particular event in mind, either small-scale or large-scale, I’d be delighted to discuss it with you.  The Last Warriors Project, incidently, is an extremely versatile programme that might also be suitable for adapting to your needs. (See below.)

Puppetry Workshop - Meet the four families of puppets - the shadow puppet, hand puppet, rod puppet, and marionette puppet families. As well as learning how to use and interact with them and bring them to life, simple versions can be constructed and a short performance presented if required.

Mask Workshop - Stage mask work and mime techniques with simple half and full mask construction.

Storywalks - Bespoke walks in various locations can be arranged, interwoven with stories and poems along the way.

The Persula Foundation’s National Storytelling Tour

The Persula Foundation is a charity, with which I have been working closely since 1998.  Its National Storytelling Tour has presented me with the opportunity to perform all over Britain as a singer and storyteller on its behalf.  I am pleased to have given far in excess of 2,000 performances to tens of thousands of people for this vibrant charity, visiting residential care homes, clubs for those with various disabilities, schools, libraries, prisons and hospices. The tour itself particularly aims to present performances to the blind and the visually impaired.  These events are provided free of charge by the charity, although donations are always welcome from venues we visit.  Please contact me at Multi-Story Theatre (details below) if you would like to arrange a free visit as part of this tour.

Last Warriors Project

Last Warriors Project

Bag Books

This is another wonderful charity I have been fortunate to work with for a number of years. Bag Books produces multi-sensory stories for people with learning disabilities.  I tour as a storyteller and trainer on behalf of this organisation, performing mostly in special needs schools and libraries. My audiences are generally children and young adults with severe and profound learning disabilities, often without speech.  I am also able to offer training to parents, carers, teachers, librarians, and in fact, anyone interested in the merits of multi-sensory storytelling.  If you are interested in such storytelling sessions or training, please contact me or Bag Books direct on 0207 627 0444. (www.bagbooks.org)

The Last Warriors Project

Download The Last Warriors Project PDF (381kb)


Private sessions for individuals are available. These can cover many useful skills such as public speaking and microphone technique, voice projection, audition pieces, performance poetry, and devising a story. Coaching in groups and with business/sales personnel is also welcome.

Some feedback and testimonials

"I feel so uplifted by your stories today - thank you! And your singing with us has left us all feeling on top of the world! Please come again."
Joyce - resident at St Dominic's Residential Home, Kelvedon, Essex.

"We had a great afternoon with you on Tuesday. You are super talented and versatile. We loved your stories and songs. Many members asked me where I had found you".
Linda Gould - Parkinson's Disease UK, Bridport Branch Chair.

“What can I say? You really wowed us. I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous booking an unknown (to me) talent……….but, you were wonderful, terrific, supercalafragalisticexpialidocious. Did I say how much I enjoyed your performance? The children were certainly engrossed in your stories, actions, facial antics and sound effects. All of the comments we heard were very positive.”
Judi Starkey, Children’s Specialist, Oakville Library, Ontario, Canada.

“You had us all enthralled with your stories and your singing was superb. Thank you very much Bernard, for coming.”
Dorothy Ryan, Activities Co-ordinator, Society for the Blind, Dewsbury, Batley and District.

“Just a note to thank you personally for working with our trainees…As you can see from the enclosed letters your visit was much appreciated and the trainees really enjoyed your input.”
Vanessa Greenwood, Her Majesty’s Young Offenders Institution, Wetherby.

“Watching Bernard assess the abilities of the participants and match his performance and game-playing accordingly was both an education in sensitivity and skill, and a delight. His judgement and temperament was excellent throughout.”
John Clarke, Project Manager, WordQuake, Skirlaugh, Yorkshire.

“I so loved your stories, your descriptions painted such wonderful pictures in my mind!”
Millie Milner, elderly resident, Kensington Court, Nelson, New Zealand.

“…Thank you for the remarkable singing and storytelling performance you gave today at my aunt’s retirement home. It was wonderful! I was fortunate to be visiting her…and was able to see the remarkable impact you had on her, and many of the other residents there. The smiles …….were a delight to behold!”
Mrs. M. Bartlett, c/o Allendale Long-Term Facility, Milton, Ontario, Canada.

““You’re the best entertainer we’ve had in a very long time! When are you back?"
(Max Goldberg, Allendale Long-Term Facility, Ontario, Canada.)